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SEA TECHNOLOGY is a company which specializes in the production and sales of diamond tools and construction (building) machinery for professional cutting and drilling.

Our products are essentially designed for a professional user market, for example companies which carry out controlled demolition, cutting of industrial flooring, production of pre-fabricated buildings and the specialized sale of building equipment.


Another important point of SEA Technology is its continuing research and development of new products, constantly aimed at the demands of a constantly changing market.

In the future SEA TECHNOLOGY aims to become a leader in this sector.


Born in Milan on 30th January 1955, he entered into the world of diamond tools in 1976. In his first year he gained experience in the specific method of creation and production of the segments, at the HAMEDIS Company. At the end of that year he moved to Iran (province of Esfaham) where he worked on the creation of a plan for the production of diamond tools. In 1978 after the Islamic revolution the factory was nationalized, forced to return to Italy, he participated in the founding of SEA Diamond Tools (SEA stands for Società Emiliana Abrasivi which had been in business since 1973). The technical 'know-how' gained first-hand is of great help when choosing machinery for production and company organization. Over the years he has specialized further in research and development of new applications and technology in the area of industrial diamonds, which culminates in 1998 with the partnership of the Japanese company Disco Corporation Co. Since then he has been the manager of the production plants abroad, contributing to the creation and development of: SEA Spain in Madrid, Imex in Elberton USA, DTS Bangalore in India, SEA Brasil. In 2005 he became a major share holder in SEA Building specialized in sales in the building sector. In 2010 with the addition of his two sons and new partners the company changed to the more appropriate SEA TECHNOLOGY.


Alessandro began his experience at a young age as is typical in the area of Emilia by dedicating his school summer holidays to working in the family firm. He took his first steps in the sector starting from the welding section and working his way through, year after year until he had seen the complete production cycle of diamond tools. After finishing high school in 1999 (specializing in scientific subjects) and his valuable five years experience, he was encouraged by his father to take on the role of sales manager for SEA Diamond tools at the extremely young age of 20, a post which he still holds today with success.


After attending high school (specializing in scientific subjects) he began his work in sea buildings in 2005, in charge of the sorting of stock. After a few months thanks to a friendly and outgoing personality, he moved into sales alongside his brother. Gaining confidence he was put in charge of specialized building wholesalers. Several years later he added to his experience, by taking on sales in the area of controlled demolition where he is still working with success today.