Seacore 250



Core bit not included


The SEACORE 250 is the first drilling machine of SEACORE range, it’s the combination of COLONNA PROFESSIONALE 250 and SEM 26 motor. This range of drilling machines differs from SEADRILL range for its distinctive columns designed for a highly professional use, materials used, precision and sturdiness of each component. Above all the extreme care in making them perfect for those whose work is drilling, identifies these drilling machines as an absolute reference model for controlled demolition. To be noted is the 3mm thickness of stainless steel, the rack placed on the opposite side of the motor to keep it clean when used, stainless steel bearing of the motor holder trolley with patented design for durability and also the ultra quick motor release system, which is useful in tight places. Slantable up to 60° both on the front and the back.

Totally stainless steel made

Totally smooth surfaces for an easier cleaning

Maintenance-free thanks to its stainless steel bearing
Water with 2600 W – 230 V motor Useful stroke: 590 mm
3 mechanically selectable motor speeds
1 – 550 rpm. 2 – 1070 rpm. 3 – 1630 rpm.
Quick motor release
Fitting 1”1/4 + 1/2 Gas Rack opposite to the motor side
 Suitable for drilling diam. Max. 250 mm Column weight: 16 kg Motor weight: 12,5 kg
Slantable 60°
TASSELLO Tassello a barra M12
 BUSSOM12KITM Bussolotto M12
 CHIAVE41 Chiave da 41 e 32
PSTAND250 Colonna Professionale 250
SEM26 Motore per carotatrici professionali mod. SEM 26
SEACORE250 Carotatrice professionale completa di accessori e motore


PSTAND2525046K Ruote