The SEACUT is a powerful, versatile handheld tool which allows a cutting depth up to 150 mm in each construction material, iron included. Available in two versions: 61.5 cc and 80.7 cc, it can also be equipped with trolley for floor-cutting.

Cutting depth up to 15 cm

Possibility to make both dry and wet cutting by using the cooling blade kit

By using its trolley, it can become a floor-cutting-machine
Excellent performance / price ratio
Blade diameter: 350 mm e 400 mm Capacity: 61,5 cc (mod. 350) – 80,7 (mod. 400)
Cutting depth max: 125 mm (mod. 350) – 150 mm (mod. 400) Supplied with cooling blade kit, sliding roller, service spanner kit
Power: 4,5 HP (mod. 350) – 5,7 HP (mod. 400) Weight 10,4 Kg (mod. 350) – 11,6 Kg (mod. 400)
Speed: 5100 rpm (mod. 350 – 4700 rpm (mod. 400) CE Certification
 L4350F25 Disco diamantato diam. 350
SEACUT350 Mototroncatrice professionale manuale mod. 350
  L4400F25 Disco diamantato diam. 400
SEACUT400 Mototroncatrice professionale manuale mod. 400


SEACARTS Carrello per mototroncatrice
SEAVALCUT Valigetta di metallo