Core bit not included


The SEADRILL 400 is the biggest drilling machine of the seadrill range, with maximum core bit capacity of 400 mm diameter. This system is the composition of COLONNA 400 and three-phase motor SEM42 and it is designed for large diameter drillings in great series. The motor is indeed designed in order to stand repeated stresses for example continuous drilling. Like SEADRILL 350 it is slantable up to 45°.

Practical quick motor release for an easier assembly / disassembly

Equipped with wheels

2 spirit levels integrated in the trolley
Water with 3900 W – 380 V motor Useful stroke: 500 mm
3 mechanically selectable motor speeds
1 – 160 rpm. 2 – 340 rpm. 3 – 510 rpm.
Quick motor release
Fitting 1”1/4 Equipped with wheels
 Suitable for drilling diam. Max. 400 mm Column weight: 21 Kg Motor weight: 19 Kg
Slantable 45°
TASSELLO Tassello a barra M12
 BUSSOM12KITF Bussolotto M12
 CHIAVE41 Chiave da 41 e 32
STAND400 Colonna 400
SEM32 Motore per carotatrici professionali Mod. SEM 32
SEADRILL400 Carotatrice professionale completa di accessori e motore


SSR25 Motore per carotatrici professionali mod. SSR25
SEAWET Raccogli acqua