This manual hydraulic coring machine can be connected to the hydraulic control unit, mod. AS30 or to the other hydraulic outputs, such as mini-excavators or other hydraulic machines, with a maximum rate of 30 l/ min. Ideal when there is no electricity on the worksite or when it is necessary for safety reasons like, for instance, underwater drilling. Supplied with a double fitting, 1 ¼ and ½ gas; with adapters, supplied on request also core bits with an M16 fitting can be mounted.

Construction with parts in stainless steel, Ergal and anodised Aluminium

The hydraulic clutch protects the user from backlashes caused when the core bit blocks

Ergonomic handgrip insulated with abrasion proof polyurethane
Wet and Dry Pressure: 105 – 170 bar
Hydraulic motor AK46 Fitting: 1 ¼” and ½ Gas
Speed: 1000 – 1500 rpm Suitable for drillings diam. max. 100 mm
 Flow rate: 20 – 30 l/Min Motor weight: 8 Kg
 CHIAVE41 Chiavi da 41 e da 36
ANELLI35-45 ANELLI IN RAME antiblock
CDOAK46 Motore idraulico mod. AK46
SEAIDRO100 Carotatrice professionale SEAIDRO 100 COMPLETA


CENTRAS30 Centralina Idraulica AS30
CDOTUBO Tubo idraulico per olio