SEATABLE 400 offers superior category performance with limited weights and dimensions. For professional users that, besides the performance provided by SEATABLE 350 F, need a 45° slanting cut and to be able to cut materials up to 20 cm high. The machine has a triple spring for lifting the head, an ABS tank and a double spray guard. The machine is supplied with the Cantiere Tre blade produced with the “Detenso” technique.

The two levers adjust head height and slanting angle

Additional spray guard for improved user comfort

The machine is equipped with eyebolts for easy lifting
The springs and socket are at the back in a protected position
Available with a 230 or 400 V motor 45° slantable head
350 or 400 mm diamond blade – 25.4 mm hole Welded trolley guide in stainless steel
Cutting height going over once, max 140 mm -204 mm going over twice Dimensions (WxDxH): 140 x 96 x 90 Cm
Cutting length max 600 mm Weight: 70 Kg
CA3400F25 disco diamantato diam. 400 mod. CANTIERE TRE
SEATABLE400B1 Taglierina professionale SEATABLE 400 – 230 Volt
CA3400F25 disco diamantato diam. 400 mod. CANTIERE TRE
SEATABLE400B2 Taglierina professionale SEATABLE 400 – 400 Volt