The SEATWIN 180 allows a cutting depth and width up to 6 cm with no effort thanks to the power of its motor and to the excellence of its ergonomic handgrip. Furthermore this machine allows to work totally without dust, thanks to its connection to dust suction units and to its tilting guard. It is supplied with a practical metal box and with two LASER SCAN QUATTRO blades.

Cutting width easily adjustable through spacers

Total dust suction thanks to the tilting guard

Adjustable cutting depth through a throttle, no special instrument needed
Supplied with metal box
Absorbed power: 1800 W – 230 V Cutting speed: 2 m/min. on hollow brick, 0.5 m/min on reinforced concrete
180 mm diameter blades – 22.2 mm hole Absolutely no vibration
Idle revs: 4900 rpm Preset for a suction unit
Cutting width from 20 to 60 mm Supplied with diamond blades and metal box
Cutting depth from 30 to 60 mm Weight 6 kg
 LS418F22 2 dischi diamantati mod. LASER SCAN QUATRO diam. 180 F. 22,2
SEAVAL180 Valigia porta scanalatrice
  SEATWIN180 Scanalatore professionale SEATWIN 180