Seafloor 450E – 500E

SEAFLOOR 450E – 500E

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SEAFLOOR 450 E/500 E is a floor saw ideal for indoor workplaces and, in general, where there is the need to cut with no polluting emissions. Feed and depth control are semi-automatic and allow cuts up to 165 mm (with a blade of 500 mm, cuts can be up to 190 mm), in complete safety and control. The 50 liter water tank let you work for many hours without interruptions.

450 mm diamond blade – 25,40 mm hole 50 liter water tank
Cutting depth: 165 mm – 190 mm with the 500 mm blade Weight: 102 Kg
Engine: elecric three phase 400 V / 50 Hz – 4 kW Dimensions height x width x lenght: 1640 x 900 x 950 cm
Semi-automatic feed and depth control CE Certification
AS3450F25 N° 1 disco diamantato diam. 450 mod. ASFALTO TRE SILENT
SEAFLOOR450E Tagliapavimento professionale SEAFLOOR 450 E – 400 V
SEAFLOOR500E Tagliapavimento professionale SEAFLOOR 500 E con disco da 500 mm