Seafloor 501


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SEAFLOOR 501 is a professional petrol floor saw for quick and efficient cutting of asphalt and concrete. It has the following features: the disc is on the side opposite of the motor; the blade is lowered or raised continuously via a threaded worm rod with depth indicator, which prevents the blade from being damaged; the rod is outside the dirty work area and is protected by a galvanised steel pipe; as standard it has a flange for mounting several blades up to 15 mm; a large 30-litre water tank with a large filler neck; the standard flange spray system allows to economise water consumption and to cool the blade optimally, thereby ensuring a longer service life of the blades; during the cutting phase, the tilting tank makes it possible to move more weight on the blade; the anti-vibration handle reduces the vibrations which the operator is subject to, thereby improving the work conditions; infinitely adjustable handle, rotatable 180° for high precision linear cuts; easy to carry thanks to the eyebolt and handles.

  • Quick release cover without using tools
  • Innovative disc irrigation system
  • Adjustable handlebar with anti-vibration system
  • Fitted with 4 large diameter wheels
  • Position of the disc on the side opposite the motor
Cutting depth 180mm 30 Lt water tank
Honda GX390 8.7 Kw – 11.7 HP motor Dimensions (LxWxH) 1040 x 585 x 910 mm
Rpm 2300 MIN -1 Weight 105 Kg
According to EC standards
SEAFLOOR501 SEAFLOOR 501 professional floor saw